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4 Questions to ask before buying Senior Citizen Health Insurance in India


Life would have been a lot easier and happier if you were to be born at the age of 60 years! Yes, let of ailments and many other things would have been different. But, let’s come out of the dreamy world and jump back to reality. But, take 60 ages as an alarm for your health. You need to be careful not only because of the added expenses but also about your aging health. After all, it’s rightly said, ‘health is wealth’.

One way of protecting your expenses and health is buying a senior citizen health insurance policy. So many health insurance in the market today, help you to save your hard-earned retirement funds and lifelong savings. But, because we all wish to age gracefully, all we can do is buy the best senior citizen health insurance and make a smarter move in life.


Advantages of Health Insurance for Senior Citizen above 60 years

  • Offers coverage for Day care expenses
  • Covers expenses for Pre and Post hospitalization
  • Offer Free Ambulance services for transporting the insured individual.
  • Offers annual Health-checkups
  • Offers Coverage for pre-existing diseases
  • Offers Coverage for hospital expenses in case the hospitalization is more than 24 hours including the doctor fees, room charges, nursing fees, medical bills, etc.
  • Offers tax benefits under Section 80 C


What factors should you consider while you opt For a Health Insurance for Senior Citizen above 60 Years?

Ask the mentioned questions before you buy a health insurance for senior citizen above 60 years:


1. Does senior citizen health insurance cover maximum illnesses?

It is important that you make an informed decision before you finally buy a senior citizen health insurance plan and make sure that this plan has coverage for maximum diseases. It is even important to read the terms and conditions of the policy carefully to know what diseases are covered and what aren’t! This will help in easy claim settlement. Don’t forget to mention your medical history to your health insurance. This is how a tailor-made plan would be offered to you.


2. Did you carry out a detailed research on the different senior citizen health insurance plans in the market?

There are so many health insurance companies in India today that offer health insurance for senior citizens above 60 years at a reasonable rate as well as with excellent features. These plans differ from one health insurer to another. Therefore, it is important that you compare the quotes, features as well as exclusions and inclusions of the plans offered by different health insurer’s side-by-side and then finalize on one.


3. Did you fill the proposal form correctly?

Filling the proposal form yourself will ensure there are no or minimal mistakes. Incorrect details would make your claim settlement loaded with troubles as well as claim rejection.


4. Do you have enough network hospitals around your residence/ workplace?

Medical emergencies come uninvited. There are so many health insurance companies that have empanelment of different hospitals. You can avail cashless treatment in such hospitals. It is good to opt for a health insurance company that has tie-ups with many hospitals.


So, what are you waiting for? If you wish to enjoy the second innings of your life, go buy a senior citizen health insurance plan and lead a stress-free life. You can also live your retired life yet secure your finances at the same time.


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