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5 Tips to Ensure the Right Health Insurance in India

Buying health insurance is one of the most important yet toughest decisions you take. You have to be careful about every single thing. Starting from looking for the right insurance companies to settling for the affordable premium, you may find the entire buying process quite cumbersome. However, with some simple tricks, you can ensure the right health insurance in India.


Shop Around

You may find a policy that suits your requirement. But don’t settle with the first quote. There is no harm in looking for other options as well. There are plenty of insurance providers with innovative plans. Just ensure, whatever plan you are going to take must fulfil your insurance needs.


Analyse Your Needs

Although health insurance is a necessity, you can’t just buy a random plan. It requires thorough analysis of your requirement and complete knowledge of the product. Without analyzing your needs how can you decide whether a plan suits you or not?  This way you can ensure optimum coverage when you need it the most. After all, there is no point of buying a plan that is insufficient.


Don’t Ignore the Policy Exclusions

Policy exclusions are the most essential part of a policy that you shouldn’t ignore. Avoiding at times may lead to claim rejection. For example, some insurers permanently exclude pre-existing illness, while some others cover it after serving a definite waiting period. Lack of knowledge thus leads to claim rejection if you claim for a condition that is not covered. You can ask the insurer for the complete list of things that are not covered.


Cheapest is not always the Best

Buying insurance only on the basis of the premium is a wrong decision.  You may have found a policy at a very cheap price but there is no guarantee that you’ll be sufficiently covered. That’s why you should choose your coverage wisely, without completely depending on the premium. Because the cheapest is not always the best!


Comparison is Must

Without settling with the very first quote you should compare different plans with different premiums, insurers with different claim settlement ratios and so on. For example, you will find insurers with attractive NCB benefit, while some others may offer voluntary deductible to prove to be a cheaper one. Without comparing the plans, you can’t come across various features and benefits that best suit you. Possibility is that insurer may cut down on the coverage to make it a cheaper policy. But this way your purpose of buying insurance wouldn’t be fulfilled. You should look for a policy that offers extensive coverage.


In a Nutshell!

In the era of digitalisation, buying insurance is no more daunting task. These days insurers come with more than just offering a policy. The prompt customer service, responsive professionals, up-to-date policy benefits and a lot to look for while buying insurance. With a little awareness, you can ensure the best health insurance policy and remain covered amply. Spare some time and look for a policy that suits you.


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