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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Purchasing Term Insurance Plan


Purchasing a term insurance plan at an appropriate age is a very significant step in order to create a financial cushion for the family. However, with an array of policies available in the market, the buyers often get confused about which plan to buy and end up purchasing the wrong plan. In order to choose the plan that suits one’s requirements and needs the best, here are the top 5 mistakes that should be avoided.


1. Buying Insufficient Cover


The main objective of purchasing a term insurance plan is to provide financial security to the family so that they can deal with the eventualities of life. However, if the policy buyers fail to purchase adequate coverage for their family members, then the policy fund will not last long. In a term insurance plan, the chosen sum assured amount should be at least 10 times the insured yearly income. So, while zeroing in on a plan one must always aim for higher coverage.


2. Purchasing a Term Plan for Shorter Period


It is a smart act to purchase a term insurance plan at an early stage of life.  However, purchasing a term insurance plan for policy tenure of 10 years at a young age is not a good idea.  It can look right to purchase a term plan with a low premium and for a period of short-term, but it’s not a good idea. Because, one will need to renew the plan after the completion of 10 years and thus the premium of the policy will also increase.


3. Not Looking Beyond One Insurance Policy


People often consider purchasing a term insurance plan from the insurer they have known from long.  However, with an array of plans available in the market, it is always advised to compare various plans online and then choose a plan. By comparing the plans online one can get the most beneficial plan at an affordable premium rate.  


4. Ignoring the Option of e-Insurance


People are so used to purchasing insurance policies in traditional ways that they often ignore the option of e-insurance. However, this is one of the most common mistakes done by policy buyers. On contrary to this it is always beneficial to purchase an online term insurance plan. The online process of policy purchase is not only simple and hassle-free but it also saves time and money of the buyers.


5. Excessive Riders


Sometimes the insurance companies incorporate too many riders into one term plan.  Excessive riders in a single plan make the plan too expensive without providing the coexisting benefits in return. Therefore it is advisable to have proper knowledge about the rider benefits offered by the policy and then choose a plan.




So, by keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, insurance buyers can avoid mistakes while purchasing a term insurance plan and choose a plan that best suits their requirements. Moreover, with the help of a proper research one can make a smart choice while purchasing a term insurance plan. 


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