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 6 Reasons why you should Renew Car Insurance Online


With the new trend booming of buying clothes, food, and footwear online, car insurance certainly can’t lag behind.  But, is it better and safe to get the car insurance renewal online? Let’s find out how…

We all know that as per Motor Vehicle Act 1988, all vehicles ridden or driven on Indian roads must be insured. For our own safety and security as well as for the legal binding, we somehow manage to get our two-wheelers or cars insured in time. Finally, on renewal of these policies, we again rush to the insurer’s office to repeat the same damn procedure.


But, in this era of internet, does it even make sense to even run behind the insurance company to get your car insurance renewed? Thanks to development in internet technology, getting your car insurance online renewal is so easy and convenient simply because things are way too streamlined than ever.


Why should you renew car insurance online?


Here’s why….


1. Because it is easy to renew


Every insurance company or online portals have their own website and a dedicated page only for car insurance online renewal. You simply need to log in to the website of your choice and fill up the renewal form, submit and get the policy renewed in just a few clicks!

In case you have logged in earlier and now want to renew your car insurance, be happy! Because, now you will be saving on some more time! You need not fill the entire details again! Your details are saved in the insurer’s database which makes it even easier to renew the policy. Remember one thing, renewing car insurance online is the most convenient thing today because there is no physical interference which otherwise takes hours for renewal.


2. Because your payments are safer:

Whenever you shop online, your payments are processed through secured gateways. This means any misconduct or threat of loss of money is eliminated. In case of failed payments too, your money is safe and can be tracked easily. All you need to have is a debit, credit or a net banking access for car insurance online renewal.


3. Because it is easily manageable

Online process of car insurance renewal can be easily managed because of the value added services offered by the insurer. The entire process becomes smoother since you can create your own account with the insurer. The documents and data that you use to get the car insurance online renewal gets stored automatically for any future use. All you need to do is log in and access.


4. Because you save your valuable time & money

Car insurance online renewal saves your time, money as well as energy. Imagine it would be such a daunting task to skip your important meeting just to rush to the insurer for getting your car insured! But thanks to the internet era, you just have to go online and renew your car insurance policy.


5. Because you get better deals online

Internet has made online research so easy. Get some time off just to research and compare quotes online and you may end up getting a better deal as per your requirement. And guess what? It’s affordable too. Getting to read the customer reviews online about the insurance company you wish to opt for, is like a cherry on the cake!


6. Because you get your renewed car insurance policy instantly

When you finish your process of car insurance online renewal, don’t be surprised to see the soft copy of the car insurance policy being emailed to you in minutes. YES! You can simply print the policy and view the same for any future purpose. Nevertheless, you also get a hard-copy of the policy at your door-step on the address registered with the car insurer.


Take away…

But just because the advancement in technology makes your online car insurance renewal easy, doesn’t mean that you forget to be smart enough to find the right policy! Hunt for different insurers online, compare their car insurance quotes and then zero down on the best one. Now, I am sure you are convinced that car insurance online renewal is the best deal ever and convenient enough to get it done at the comfort of your home or workstation. With this internet development, do you still wish to make physical trips to the insurance companies or meet the nasty agents and waste your precious time when you know you can get amazing deals online?


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