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8 Driving Safety Tips to Follow


When you are behind the vehicle, it is important you drive safely to prevent causing any damage to a third party, your car as well as yourself. It’s crucial you keep the below driving safety tips in mind every time you are out on the road.


1. Carry your documents at all time

When driving, ensure you are carrying documents such as valid driving license, registration certificate, PUC certificate and valid car insurance policy. This is mandatory as per the law and also allows you to drive the vehicle in a hassle-free way.


2. Don't forget your safety gear

Ensure that you and the co-passengers wear the seat belt to prevent yourself from getting injured at the time of collision.


3. Don't drive too fast

Understand the true meaning of 'speed kills' hoardings on roads and ensure you drive with care. Ensure that you drive in accordance with the prescribed limit. Driving at 100 kmph on a road that has a prescribed limit of 60 kmph might help you reach your destination on time, but it will certainly increase your chances of meeting with an accident.


4. Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you

There will be hardly a situation where you will be driving alone on the road. Since traffic has increased in almost all states and cities in India, it is must that you drive at a safe distance from the car in front of you. This is because, if the need arises, you will have to apply sudden brakes and being at a distance from the other car can instead prevent you from damaging your and someone else's car.


5. Don't drink and drive

When you are drunk, ensure you are not behind the wheels. This is because it is said that alcohol impairs the body's reaction time because of which you are not fit to drive in a drunken state.


6. Keep your car in good condition

This simply means that your car's tyres are in a good state and would prevent skidding. The brakes fluids are replaced regularly and the engine is not getting overheated.


7. Do not use your mobile when driving

It is important you do not use your mobile phone when driving as you can certainly meet with a collision or cause an accident. Using mobile phone while driving is against the law and can attract a penalty or even 3 months jail imprisonment.


8. Follow basic traffic rules

Here are a few basic traffic rules that you are required to follow


  • When you reach towards a road intersection, junction or pedestrian crossing, slow down.

  • Avoid overtaking

  • Don't cross the STOP sign on the road

  • Use the Horn only when required

  • Do not load the vehicle with explosives or inflammable goods

  • Display the vehicle registration number at all times.

  • Do not cross the yellow line when overtaking another vehicle

  • When driving on a mountain or hill, keep the vehicle on the right side

  • Do not increase the speed of the vehicle when you another driver is trying to overtake you.


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