How to Craft a More Resilient Retirement Plan?

How to Craft a More Resilient Retirement Plan?


While putting together all the personal financial plans, one takes a lot of time to think about risks, dream, goals and fear. If we talk about a resilient financial plan for retirement then it is determined by much more than Rupees and Cents. When we think about the events that affect the flexibility of future financial goals then it can end up being positive and negative both like the birth of child, new job or medical problems, etc.


Keep your goals aside for a second, think what is the worst that can happen? Or how much you can withstand your worst problems?

Well, answering these questions can be difficult but it can be equally eye-opening too.

As financial resiliency is an ability to endure major setbacks of life that creates an impact on your income and assets. It can be improved by following these simple steps-

1.    Stick to low debt to income ratio

2.   To cover at least 3 months of expenses keep an emergency fund.

3.  Purchase an adequate life insurance and health insurance plan in order to secure the future of your loved ones against any type of emergency situation.

4.  In order to have a successful retirement, purchase a good pension plan so that you can have continues flow of income after retirement.


So, on the journey to craft a resilient retirement plan, here are important aspects that you can consider.

1. You have an Ultimate Financial life Goal that Comprises your Long Term Plan for Financial Freedom a.k.a. Retirement.

Setting financial goals steadily can positively affect your ability to take a smart economical decision. By listing your short and long-term goals you can create your own retirement egg nest. These are the questions that you should ask yourself while planning for your retirement.

  • Why having a pension plan is so important? 
  • What should you look forward to do after retirement?
  • Why is it so important to accomplish all your retirement goals?
  • How much income will be required to live a good lifestyle after retirement?

Once you get an answer to all these retirement planning questions, you can plan your retirement successfully.


2. Take Step to Secure your Family and Wealth

To deal with the eventuality in life it is very important to have a strong financial protection plan by your side. One of the best ways you can start doing that is by creating an emergency saving account. If you are in your 60’s or older, then having a life insurance plan or pension plan becomes more important.


3. Create a Retirement Saving Plan to Meet your Ultimate Income Goals

In order to meet the ultimate financial goal at the later stage in your life, it is important to invest in pension plans and retirement plans at the early stage of your life while being in service. This way you can create an egg nest for your future and deal with the major essentials of life simultaneously. It is often advised that calculating your retirement fund once per year should be a part and parcel of your enduring financial plan.


On a Final Note

Consider secluding few moments to give a thought on what stands in the mid of you living your current life and the way you want to. The more resilient you become towards your difficulties, the less likely these barriers will become a perpetual blockade.


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