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Compare Two Wheeler Insurance – All that you need to know


We know you love your bike more than you love yourself. It is the most efficient and easiest way to commute. You can then prove your love by gifting a perfect insurance policy that seems to have been tailor-made for you. Partially because it is mandatory by law and also because buying a perfect two-wheeler insurance policy can help you save you a lot of bucks during accidents and mishaps.

Two-wheeler is mandatory in India. There are plenty of insurance companies providing different insurance plans loaded with features and benefits. The premiums, however, differ from one plan to another and from one insurer to another. It is therefore important to compare two-wheeler insurance plans with different insurers before you finalize on one. This can be done as per your convenience at work or home or any corner of the world as far as you have internet access!


How to compare two wheeler insurance?

The most shared medium to compare two wheeler insurance is to go online. The Internet has made life easier and hassle-free. What more do you want when you can compare two-wheeler insurance with one click of the mouse and then just sit back and relax. There are a number of free websites with pages assigned only for comparing the quotes. Post which, you can simply finalize on one plan suitable as per your requirement and buy online.


  • Find an insurance comparing website - Start your research and find an insurance comparing website. Sign in and start comparing
  • Fill your details - You will have to fill in some important information about your bike’s make and model, manufacturing year, your age and history of riding, etc. Additionally, the website would also require your personal details
  • View the results - Post entering your details, you will find all the available plans tailor made as per your requirement. The features and the price of each plan would be displayed.
  • Choose wisely - Now, with the plenty of stuff in front of you, analyze your requirement before you choose one. Remember, this is one of the important steps since you have to select the most customized plan for your prized possession.
  • Buy online - Without wasting any more time, click and pay and buy the chosen two-wheeler insurance plan.

Advantages of Comparing Two wheeler insurance

There would be certain websites that would display the features of the plan along with the added costs wherein some may mention only the basic features. Thus, doing a thorough research about the different plans available would only give you a clear idea.

  • Save your bucks - Since there are no middlemen (insurance agent) involved and you get to see the plans available for free, you can opt for the cheapest one as per your need
  • Complete view of features - You get to know what insurers are offering what, by viewing the policy features and quotes online.
  • Unbiased - The insurance comparing websites provide unbiased quotes, particular to any insurance company. So, there is no involvement of promotion of a particular plan from monetary selfishness.
  • Quick, easy and hassle free - All this process of comparing to buying a plan two-wheeler insurance is very quick, easy and hassle free. No headache of paying visits to the insurance company and no further headache of going to an insurance agent.

Now, that you know how to compare two wheeler insurance, why not utilize this while buying a new insurance plan or renew your policy? By doing so, you end up finding a better quote and the plan simply customized as per your requirement.


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