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Dos and Don’ts to Follow When Filing Car Insurance Claim


Insuring your car with a car insurance cover shields you against unforeseen financial circumstances by ensuring you don’t have to bear the costs of damages from your pocket. Thus, a car insurance policy helps you save on unnecessary financial expenses that you would be required to bear in case of damages caused to a third party or the car. However, there is a good chance of your car insurance claim getting rejected if you don’t follow the below list of dos and don’ts that ensure you get your claim request approved in a hassle-free and fast way.


Dos to keep in mind when filing a car insurance claim


  • The very first thing to do when your car is involved in an accident is to register a First Information Report. An FIR serves as a legal document, supporting your claims.


  • Call your insurance provider informing them about the accident. Ideally, you should inform your insurer within 48 hours of the accident.


  • At the scene of the accident, accumulate the photographic evidence, as it will prove to be strong support for getting your claims approved. Don’t forget to note down the names and contact details of the witnesses who have witnessed the accident.


  • Read all the insurance terms and conditions properly to understand under what circumstances would your claims be covered. Read through the basic car insurance inclusion and exclusions list here. Further, you can make a call to the insurer to understand the policy details or you can read through the claims information provided on their website.


  • When giving out the details of the accident, be honest and don’t try to hide any details from the insurer. Don’t fabricate any information as it may lead to immediate claim rejection.


  • When discussing the claim process with the company, note down all the details of the company representatives looking after your claim request.


  • Maintain a file consisting of all the policy documents and receipts of the bills you have paid off to in regards to your or third party car damages.


  • Consult your lawyer to ensure you are rightfully given the expenses for the incurred damages.


Don’ts to keep in mind when filing a car insurance claim


  • If you are involved in an accident, then don’t try to run away from the scene. Remember, running away from the accident scene won't help you when you make a claim. If medical aid is required, check if you can arrange for it.


  • Even if you are at fault, register an FIR. Don’t try to settle the matter if the other party involved is asking you to do so without making a claim. To ensure that the party does not cause any trouble in the future, file a claim.


  • If involved in an accident, don’t lose control and lash out on the other party. Keep calm and help the other party, if they need help. Call the police and inform your insurer immediately.


  • Remember, your car insurance claim will be rejected if you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


  • Ensure you are driving a car with a valid driving license and a car insurance policy. The insurance company can reject your claim if at the time of the accident you were driving the car with an expired insurance policy and driving license.


  • Do not give anything in writing to the insurance company before you get them to review your insurance policy. Get legal help before signing any documents provided by the insurance company.


  • Ignore accepting cheques or demand draft that says ‘final payment’.


  • Following the above dos and don’ts will be of great when filing a car insurance claim and will also avoid your claim from getting rejected. Most importantly, read the policy documents carefully before zeroing down on a car insurance cover.


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