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Grounds on which your car claim can be rejected


Buying car insurance is important and so is understanding the grounds that can lead to claim rejection. Read about the grounds on which the insurance company can reject your claim.


1. If you drive under the influence of alcohol

If at the time of the accident, you are found to be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then the insurance company will reject your car claim straight away. A criminal action will be taken against you and court too will not consider your case and dismiss it right away.


2. Driving without a valid driving license

If you or the person driving the car is found to be driving without a valid driving license at the time of accident, then your claim will be rejected. You cannot negotiate in this regard and the company won't entertain any requests. It's important for you to not just be aware of the policy renewal date, but also the driving license expiry date. Also, never allow an individual to drive your vehicle without a valid driving license.


3. Using private vehicle for commercial purpose

The insurance company holds all the rights to reject your claim, if you using private vehicle for commercial purpose. Any damages caused to third party as well as the vehicle or you won't be eligible to receive any coverage.


4. Installing LPG/CNG kit without informing:

The insurance company would appreciate your stance of fitting a CNG/LPG kit with a bid to protecting the environment. But it sure won't accept your claim if you do not inform them about the same. It is important to understand that these kits require additional premium and the company can reject your claim on this ground.


5. Failure to prevent theft

If you negligence has led to theft of the vehicle, then the insurance company is likely to reject your claim on this ground. Hence, it is important you take all the necessary steps to prevent your car from theft/


6. Consequential loss

This is nothing but the damage arising out of an act done by the policyholder. For instance, if your car enters a water-logged area and you continue driving it, then the insurance company would not provide you any coverage for the same. You won't be liable to receive any coverage even if it was an unintentional or an emergency act.


7. Not informing the insurer before repairing the car

While you are in the middle of a highway, the thought of finding a mechanic to get the car repaired would first rise in your mind and calling the insurance company won;t even strike through. However, this can very well stand as a ground for claim rejection as when you call the insurance company and inform them, then send across an authorized dealer who helps you with the repair process. For the company to successfully accept your claim, it's important for them to trace the accident and the repair required.


8. Not informing the insurer on time

If you have caused any damage of if your car has been damaged, it is necessary you inform the insurance company within 48 hours of the time of the accident.


9. Mechanical and electrical breakdown damages

If the cause of the damage of your vehicle is due to mechanical or electrical breakdown, you won't be eligible to get any coverage.


It's understandable that you purchase a car insurance policy to financially protect yourself and the vehicle at all times. But keeping the above grounds in mind you can ensure a hassle-free claim filing process.


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