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Guide to Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy in India


According to the Motor Vehicle Act, it has become mandatory for the owner of a car to have car insurance before the car comes onto the Indian roads. This policy of car insurance includes insurance cover of the third party insurance.


The third party motor insurance policy covers property and body damage of the third party involved during the due course of an accident. This car insurance policy has been made binding when purchasing a car. The claim can only be made if the driver itself is at fault during the accident.


However, if the owner also wants additional insurance for themselves, they will have to look for  the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy. This is when the owner wants to buy car insurance that will benefit both owner and the third party claims. This kind of car insurance is the most popular among vehicle owners in India.


The Key Features

  • Protection against any loss of property or damage caused to the property – the car- in the case of Natural Calamities or Man Made calamities
  • The Natural Calamities one might want car insurance against are storms, hurricanes, typhoons, lightening, floods, etc.
  • The Man Made Calamities that the additional car insurance would cover are terrorist attacks, riots, burglary, house breaking, damage sustained when travelling on the road or rail. Besides the vehicle the owner will also get an insurance coverage in the event of an accident.
  • The owner of the vehicle can also avail the accident cover for themselves as well as the people travelling in the car which sustains injury during an accident or calamity.
  • Besides this, where the third party insurance really shines is inclusion of the third person, not the insurer or the insured, in the car insurance. If a third person, say a pedestrian sustains injury; this policy would cover the loss of property and medical expenses for the same
  • Also, if a non fare passenger is travelling, the car insurance policy will give medical coverage for the same in the case of injury and death alike.


The comprehensive car insurance policy gives a well rounded insurance coverage, not only to the owner but also to the people that may be around the vehicle in question at that very time. This car insurance policy spreads a wide net of options for the owner to take and add into the already binding law that the Motor Vehicle Law states.


The third party car insurance would only insure the people on the road around you with the punitive damages being paid by the insurance company. However, the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy would give well rounded coverage to the owner as well as the third party irrespective of the liability, legal or otherwise. The liability covered with this car insurance policy is unlimited in the case of property damage or even death.


Thus, when going in for a policy, this motor insurance policy that will give one, full coverage in the case of any mishap and that is why one might find it the most popular.


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