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Myths Busted About Health Insurance


The most common saying “Health is Wealth” is quite simple to understand. It means our real wealth is health. In today’s Era people tend to ignore and underestimate the importance of good health. Unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits  in Indians, make them more prone to ailments and heart related problems. According to the WHO (World Health Organization) one in four Indians risks dying of lifestyle diseases. You can’t predict your future. Its uncertain. What if you become ill and fall sick? There may come a time when you have to get admitted to a hospital. The medical treatments or minor surgeries are also generally expensive and will burn a hole in your pocket. This is where Health Insurance comes into the picture.


What is Health Insurance?


Health Insurance is an insurance which covers the medical and surgical expenses of the insured person. It benefits the insured with a cashless treatment in case of hospitalization. In case of claims the insurer reimburses the expenditures.


Why Health Insurance is necessary?


Health risks are unpredictable. You have to be financially prepared for any eventuality. The health care prices are increasing day by day. Health Insurance provides financial back up at such times or else people tend to empty their savings. It is necessary for every Indian citizen to have Health coverage as they cover the medical costs and offers additional benefits like cashless treatments, pre and post hospitalization costs, tax benefits etc. Some basic plans don’t cover certain requirements. One can add riders to the policies for additional coverage.  


Myths busted about Health Insurances


  • Going for the cheap Health Insurance Plans is not the best thing you can do. If the treatment is not included in the policy the claim can be rejected.
  • Buying insurance online is now a safe option coz you deal directly with the policy company. There are no agents involved. One can avail benefits online as many insurance companies offer exclusive deal on policies.
  • Day care surgeries like cataract operations don’t require a 24 hour hospitalization. So, it is not necessary to get admitted for a day minimum to avail claim. In need of 24 hours hospitalization for some specific ailments it will be mentioned in the policies terms and conditions.
  • Until some years ago many insurance companies did not cover pregnancies.but now many insurers have started including pregnancies in the policies. The maternity coverage has a waiting period of 48 months.
  • Another misconception is that smokers are not eligible for Health Insurance. Smoking has ill effects on your body. The premium increases a bit if you are a smoker. You need to undergo a medical test. Health Insurance companies cannot deny cover to smokers.
  • It’s a myth that Health Insurance only covers Hospitalization and Medical bills. Some policies even cover dental treatments, cataract operations, contact lenses, health check ups, OPD charges to name some.
  • Health Insurance comes with a clause that you cannot claim in case of immediate health concern like contracting a disease or a surgery. A waiting period of 30 -90 days is applicable. So, it's a myth that you can avail benefits of a health care policy immediately after buying it.
  • Cashless claims can also be denied at the network hospitals. If certain ailment is not covered under the policy or the information submitted to the insurance company is wrong claim gets denied.




With the rising medical inflation and uncertainty of life, Health Insurance is the need of the hour. Compare the best Health Policies from top insurers. Its helps you financially prepared for any eventuality.  


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