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Pros of Buying Car Insurance Online


I know it’s incredible to get the highest discount as good as 75% while shopping stuff online. I acted like a maniac and got the most out of it at the end of season sale! 

Today, almost every single person is going gaga for shopping online. A workaholic like me who works round the clock finds peace and happiness in buying even the smallest household essential online. The ease of shopping during my lunch breaks and convenience has impressed me the whole idea of shopping online. One click and I get them all at my doorstep with discounts.What else would one ask for?

Well, these are general stuff that you and I would prefer buying online. However, it isn’t just limited to regular items. Internet has made shopping for car insurance policies also a cakewalk. Let’s quickly barge in to the pros of the buying car insurance online.


Pros of buying online car Insurance


1. Easier Comparison

You can compare quotes, features and benefits that a car insurance policy offers online by either visiting websites of different car insurers or check any online broker’s site.These brokers offer quotes, features, etc. offered by different car insurers under one roof.

Remember that comparison cannot be done by any offline sources or by visiting an insurance agent who in all probabilities may not disclose the quotes of all the insurers keeping his ‘commission’ on mind.


2. Quick and hassle-free payment

Buying car insurance online is as easy and simple as a pie. You just need to log in, compare and make payment using your debit, credit card or netbanking. However, if you wish to go the traditional way, you would need to spend a lot of time in fixing an appointment with the agent or the dealer, finalise and then make payment by cash or cheque. The cheque clearance itself may take 2-3 days business days.

The payments done online while buying car insurance are passed through secured payment gateways. In short, this certainly reduces the chances of fraudulent and fake transactions!


3. Self-dependency

Buying or renewing car insurance online automatically reduces your dependency on other resources such as the agent or the dealer. You simply need to have few details handy such as your car number, previous policy number, mobile number, etc. 

Such details just needs to be clicked or filled in the relevant areas online which will get you to the various options available with different insurers, in case you visit an online broker’s site. Besides, you may simply get this done on your mobile phones at the comfort of your travel, home, work or any place that has good internet facility


4. Easy renewals

In case you buy or renew car insurance online, don’t be surprise to see timely reminders from your insurers for renewal of car insurance. This will help you in not missing out on the renewals and avoiding car insurance policy lapse.


5. Stress-free claims

I know it would be damn annoying if you want to make a claim and your dealer or agent is not responsive. You may not know the process to follow. However, if you are well versed with the online facility, you can very well register a car insurance claim online by visiting the insurer’s website.Nevertheless, the toll free numbers, email id’s for claim registration are all available online on the insurers website.


6. Check reviews online

It is a basic human mentality to check reviews before buying anything online. Car insurance isn’t far anymore. You can view feedbacks and reviews of different car insurers online. You would also know the car insurance company’s efficiency to settle a claim in the shortest duration by checking the claim settlement ratio online.


Therefore use your ‘buying online’ power and make use of the internet like a blessing to buy car insurance.



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