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Term plan premium calculator – How to use it!


Term insurance plans helps to protect your loved ones from any financial disruptions in future in case of your demise. However, your nominee won’t receive any sum assured in case you outlive the term insurance plan. This is because, a term plan is basically made only for the death benefit. Therefore, it is vital to buy a term insurance policy of the right sum assured. This might be tricky enough, however it needs to be set right.


Expert’s advice that if you buy a term insurance plan early in life, your term cover should ideally be 15-18 times your annual income. Besides, as you go ahead in your career, especially when you are in your mid-thirties,the term cover automatically be lowered to 10-12 times your annual income.


Benefits of a Term Insurance premium calculator


You can decide a right term insurance plan with the help of a term insurance premium calculator. It is nothing but an online tool which is simple and self-explanatory to understand. You can ascertain the term insurancepremium that you would have to shell out to get a desired sum assured.


This term insurance premium calculator would simply need some basic parameters to be inputted in order to calculate the right term insurance premium for you.What you can do is play with the figures just to get an idea about the premium amount.


The premium calculator doesn’t only offer you the amount of premium, but it also helps you to carry out a comparison between term insurance policies offered by different insurers. You might feel it a confusing task to finalize on one. However, the term insurance premium calculator actually can churn out the data you have updated in the calculator to strike out a comparison to list out the best insurance plans to suit your requirements.


But, do I use this premium calculator?


The intuitive premium calculator is actually too fast. It would give out the quotes within a matter of few minutes. All you need to do is follow the mentioned steps:

  • Go online and enter the link where you want to use the term plan premium calculator. This can be either on the term insurer’s website or any other website that would let you to carry out the calculation of premium
  • Fill in all the necessary details such as your name, age, gender, contact details, marital status, annual income as well as the number of children, whether you are smoker or a non-smoker, etc.
  • Input the amount oflife cover and the term of the policy as per your requirement.
  • The premium calculator may even ask you to enter the mode of payment of the sum assured.
  • Lastly, do click on the search button.


The term insurance premium calculator would then show a result of a host of term insurance plans that fulfil your conditions as per the details entered.Take some time off, think wisely and then opt for the one you wish to. If need be you may also change the parameters you entered and then again check how the results vary.



The term plan premium calculator is a hassle-free and time saving tool. So, make the most of it. Instead of shooing arrows in the dark, all you can do is choose a term plan apt for you by using the term plan premium calculator.


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