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Things to Consider while Porting Health Insurance


Is your health insurance renewal due? Are you the one amongst those who believe in paying the premiums just to stay covered?


Well, it is very easy to just pay whatever premium suggested by the insurer but have you ever realized you can be offered even better?


With a little research, you can find a better plan at an affordable price than the existing one. Well, only at the time of renewal!


By saying that, here are a few things to consider at the time of porting your health insurance policy.


  • Look for Insurance Quotes: The only reason for porting your health insurance  policy is to ensure sufficient coverage at an affordable price. Hence, you should start by  visiting the official websites of health insurance providers and browse over the plans. While porting, don’t ever compromise on the coverage. Compare the policies online to find the one with adequate benefits. These websites suggest quotes as per your needs to help you zero down with the right option.


  • Financial Background of the Insurer: There is no point to opt  for a health insurance plan randomly and regret for a lifetime. So, at the time of looking for an economical plan, you shouldn’t overlook the background of the insurer. The insurer that you’ve decided should be capable of paying your claims and should be the one with a higher claim settlement ratio. In whatever condition you will always look for an insurer that offers suitable coverage with excellent post-sale services.


  • Make sure the Old Policy is Cancelled: It is always advisable to cancel the policy in writing and keep a track of the cancellation date for future reference. However, it should be ensured only after you have completed the formalities of the new insurer and get the confirmation on the policy.


  • Transfer the Accumulated NCB: One of the benefits of porting health insurance policy is your accumulated No Claim Bonus (NCB) can be transferred. No Claim Bonus is offered for not claiming your insurance, which is a discount on the premium. You can earn up to 50% of NCB during your policy tenure. At the time of switching the insurer, you can transfer it to the new insurer, by filing an application and completing other formalities.


  • First Impression is the Last Impression: Insurance contract is based on faith. The insurer assures financial security in return of trust from the insured. Hence, you need to maintain the picture of a responsible person. At the time of buying, only provide the documents that are true. Don’t claim for the things that are manageable. Moreover, your insurer won’t pay for any claim that is made within 30 days from the date of policy initiation.



There is no hard and fast rule of staying glued to  the same insurer. Indian insurers provide the right of switching the insurer if you feel the services are inadequate. Insurers may ask for fines for early cancellation, however, it depends on the situation. By ensuring little awareness in this regard, you can settle for the right plan of your choice.


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