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Understanding maternity insurance


What does maternity insurance cover?


Maternity insurance is a type of insurance that takes care of all the pregnancy expenses up to a certain limit. Usually, maternity cover is offered along with a standard health insurance plan or also as a standalone insurance plan. However, when purchasing this plan as an add-on with health insurance, coverage is usually provided after 5-7 years.


What does maternity insurance cover?


1. All the maternity related hospitalization costs: Few insurance companies provide 30 pre and 60 days post hospitalization expenses. However, the number of days vary from insurer to insurer. 

2. Pre and post-natal cover: A maternity insurance policy covers end-to-end expenses including caesarean and normal delivery as well as post-delivery complications.
3. Hospitalisation expenses: This usually covers room rent, boarding and nursing expenses along with surgeon, anaesthetist consultation charges, and medical practitioner and consultant fees.Also, a few maternity insurance plans cover emergency ambulance charges too.
4. New-born baby cover: A maternity insurance plan also extends coverage to new-borns in case they are diagnosed with a congenital disorder or critical illness. 

The above listed coverage may vary depending on the plan time and also from insurer to insurer


When you should opt to buy maternity insurance?


Ideally, it is prudent to buy a maternity insurance cover a few years before you plan to conceive as it has a waiting period of anywhere between 2-4 years. Also, if you plan to buy this cover while you are already pregnant, then the insurance company is eligible to deny you the cover or you can’t claim for it as it will be considered as a pre-existing case. 


Exclusions of maternity insurance

  • Expenses of tonics and vitamins is not covered unless they are a part of the treatment.
  • Doctor visit for regular check-ups and follow-ups is not covered.
  • Diagnostic tests and doctor’s consultation during 9-month is not covered.
  • Expenses related to treatment of infertility
  • Congenital diseases
  • Pre-existing diseases that impact the pregnancy
  • Termination of pregnancy within 12 weeks from the date of conception is not covered.
  • A maternity insurance plan does not cover medical expenses for ectopic pregnancy.
  • The cover does not provide medical expenses for women aged above 45 years..


The premium for maternity health insurance plan:

The premium for a maternity insurance policy increases with your age. The more you delay in availing this insurance coverage, the higher your premium. So always plan your pregnancy before opting for this cover as if you buy it with your basic health plan then the premium will be more.

As expenses in the child care and parenting segment are increasing, it's necessary that you plan your pregnancy well and avail a plan that would reap you benefits at the time when you need it. 


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