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Why Should I buy a Super Top-Up Health Insurance Plan?

Nowadays, we frequently fall sick since our lives have become more stressful. It’s better if the ailment is diagnosed and treated quickly; but what if the sickness or the disease remains identified that too with a prolonged diagnosis. At scenarios like these, do you even know whether your health insurance policy from your employer would be sufficient enough to cover all your expenses?

Well, the answer lies in buying a Super Top up health insurance. These plans offer you an extended coverage over and above what your existing health insurance plan would provide.  The Super Top-up health insurance policy will also be beneficial in paying off your medical bills exceeding thethreshold limit which is pre-defined; known as the Deductible.


Let us now understand why you can’t miss to buy a super top up health insurance plan.

1. Flexible for reimbursements

Let us say, your employer has offered you a health insurance policy with coverage of Rs.4 lakh per year. In case you get hospitalized twice a year, obviously your hospital and other medical bill will hike straight to Rs.5 lakh. Since the health insurance policy offered by your employer offers you only Rs.4 lakh coverage, the balance Rs.1 lakh needs to be accommodated from your own pocket. However, if you have a super top up health insurance plan in place, it would offer coverage for multiple occurrences of health issues in a year and thereby consider the total claim amount made each time.


2. Buying from another health insurance provider


You do not have to buy a super top up plan from the insurer from whom you bought the health insurance. Comparing is the key and therefore it is advisable to buy a super top up plan that suits your needs the most. This is how you do not have worry about any hidden costs. Such plans are made available in both individual as well as floater plans.


3. Lower premiums


In your regular health insurance policy, may need to make a higher premium payment, but, same is not the case for a Super top up plan. These health insurance plans come with a deductible limit, and therefore, higher the value, lower would be the premium to be paid. Therefore, if your regular health insurance policy is incapable of paying all your health expenses, this is when a super top up plan would come to your rescue without any additional cost. Also, you can buy a super top up plan even if you do not have a health insurance policy prior.


4. Choice for elderly members of the family


In a traditional health insurance plan, an elderly member in your family can lead to frequent hospitalisationsdue to age and other health conditions. This is when you can buy a super top up plan to enjoy the advantages of extended and annualhospitalisation coverage.You can also be relaxed about the total expenses in case of an emergency with a Super top up plan.


5. Tax benefits

You can avail tax benefits under Section 80 C of the Income Tax Act, 1961 making it a pocket-friendly, convenient and beneficial alternative to a normal health insurance policy.


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