Women Take Heed – Reasons a Working Woman Needs an Insurance Policy

Women might be at the forefront of running the household- often single-handedly- yet the financial security of her own future always seems to be the last thing on her mind. The tradition of undermining her own need as also her worth continues with women, both homemakers and even working professionals neglecting the need to have a customised policy that comes handy in times of need. Even when the female spouse earns more than the male, it is usual to see her name only in a joint policy or maybe as a nominee- forever indebted to the savings of the man and his pragmatism.

That should not be the case and here we detail out the reasons and the situations where one can avoid that happening. One needs to firstly :

  • Start Young – This guarantees a higher amount after policy maturity

  • Family History – Keeping in mind the family history of particular diseases helps choose a plan that will help cover medical costs too.

  • Children Specific – The plan one chooses should have the option of accessing the assured sum at any time – if need be- this is helpful for childrens’ education and welfare responsibilities.

  • Payable Premium – One might have to struggle to pay the monthly premiums and also maintain the daily standard of living – but it helps in the long run. Thus benefits and not just the cost of policy should be the first priority while choosing the best insurance plan.

  • Compare & Contrast – One can & should never opt for the first policy that they lay their eyes on. Comparing the variety of policies on offer in the market helps one notice the market trends and also the selling point of each insurer. Comparing the benefits is crucial for such a lifelong commitment.

After making sure one knows what exactly they should look for , now is time to know the reasons that make it imperative for every working women to have a Life Insurance Policy :

Financial Security :

Things might seem manageable for you and/or with your partner, but a joint policy will not bring emotional or financial security to your own family on event of your demise. The parents and siblings ought to be looked after by virtue of a policy that is singularly on the woman’s name.
It not only protects her in case  of any untoward eventuality but also makes sure her closest next of kin are secured

Extra Savings :

Piggy banks are the inculcation into the notion of savings which take the form of Insurance Policies- preferably those linked to the market. The money is well invested as also yielding high returns.
No better way to manage one’s savings.

Safety – Net :

Very important in one’s life is to be ready for any sudden illness or death. Medical expenses if any can be covered by the insurance plan. One can at least be assured to be paid a lump sum of money upon falling sick.

Cost Cutting :

Women need to take advantage of the fact that low interest policies are tailor made just for women which asks for lower initial costs, lower premiums. Finances remain in check and one has the option to invest elsewhere too.

Retirement Fund:

Depending solely on the spouse’s income would be a grave mistake if sudden events make us take out large chunks of our savings. In such cases only a thought of  Insurance plan that has been bought tends to make sense.

Savings For Children:

Mothers would definitely want to be a source of comfort, pride and security when it comes to her kids. Investing in a proper life insurance secures their education and future needs.


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