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If you haven’t heard of GreyFont, we are the pioneers in offering a holistic overview and comprehensive guidance within the BFSI industry. Our main motive is to simplify the insurance and banking terms, specifically the ones related to insurance coverage that most of the consumers are unfamiliar with. True to our logo– ‘Read between the lines’ --, we at GreyFont make buying insurance and claiming insurance benefits easy by highlighting our customers something that is not said upfront. Having said that, GreyFont believes in clearly emphasizing what product best fits the needs of different insurance consumers and why should they buy it.

GreyFont, a result of 15 years of in-depth industry experience, simplifies the customer journey right from decision making to buying a product or service, managing insurance and thereafter providing end-to-end support for final claim settlement. We work with a vision to simplify insurance related processes and intend to meet the needs of mislead & mistreated customers.

Customers today face issues such as mis-selling, difficulty in understanding complex insurance fine prints, jargon, etc. Besides, the unending loops of Terms & Conditions further baffle a common buyer! As an industry insider, we realized that insurance is a complex product and that the customers today are continuously losing confidence in the Industry due to its complexities.

GreyFont helps its customers to know the risks and make educated buying decisions by ruling out dishonest representatives who often mislead customers To ensure that our customers get the right product at pocket-friendly rates, we carefully understood all concerns and identified related solutions before building GreyFont.

Buying insurance is truly an emotional decision. We realized that customers look to offer protection to their lives, family, vehicle, home, business or valuables and hence we ensure that they are being well-served in the entire process. Reassurance is the key when it comes to purchasing insurance. During the whole journey, be rest assured that our Advisors will add an extra ‘human’ touch and guide you through the right product as per your requirement.

GreyFont brings across vast industry information in the form of a very simple and easy to understand content. We here at GreyFont help people to find answers, solve their problems and get inspired. Trust us; we make every effort to unfold all the banking and insurance terms and conditions so as to not let you stumble at any point in time.

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