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A Home Insurance policy offers coverage in case of any unforeseen events right from natural disasters to accidents.


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We all know that the value of a house increases over a period of time.

Therefore, buying a house or a property is considered a big investment ensuring peace as well as financial protection in the coming years. This is the reason securing your house with a home insurance is very Important. 

It is also important to read the policy document to understand what is covered, other terms and conditions and the claim process. 

Benefits of Home Insurance

What does home insurance cover?

What does home insurance cover?

You cannot ignore home insurance since it is extremely important with the number of benefits that it offers: • Offers coverage for household and building content • Offers comprehensive protection to the content as well as the structure of the home • Offers coverage against burglary, theft as well as fire and allied perils • Offers peace of mind • Offers security to your assets thereby protecting it from any mishaps • Offers flexibility to buy online within minimum documentation

What is the meaning of reinstatement cost?

What is the meaning of reinstatement cost?

Reinstatement cost is the cost for reconstructing the damaged property. The cost of reinstatement includes the value of foundation, but not the land cost.

Step by Step procedure for claiming Home Insurance

  • Ensuring your as well as your homes safety first, it is important to follow all the possible steps to avert the loss or damage to prevent the damage

  • Intimate the claim by calling, faxing or mailing the reasons for the same
  • Immediately take pictures of your property that has been damaged
  • Preserve the receipts or bills of the services availed post the accident
  • Submit the documents required by the insurer to have a hassle-free and smooth claim settlement. Duly filled in claims form, FIR copy, original policy document, evidence of the extent of the loss or damage and the nature of accident, repair bills, rent agreement, fire brigde report, supplier’s bill, and invoices for the contents owned by you, court summons, etc.

  • Enter valid and correct details for valuation of the household contents
  • Fill the claims form and submit to the insurer along with other requisite documents
  • The insurer may appoint a surveyor to inspect the extent of damage
  • Post verification, the insurer will settle your home insurance claim once the claim has been validated

  • Remember that your insurer may ask for additional documents depending on the nature of claim.

Some of the frequently asked questions about Home Insurance Claims?

Apart from covering the structure itself, a good home insurance policy also offers protection to the objects, costly belongings as well as appliances in the home. So, opt for a home insurance plan that doesn’t only secure your dream home, but also those precious memories and emotions that resides therein.

A good home insurance plan:

  • Offers comprehensive coverage to the content as well as structure of your home.
  • Secures your assets from uncertainties.
  • Reduces stress in case of unforeseen circumstances by having a good home insurance plan.
  • Makes timely insurance payouts allowing families to start the rebuilding process quickly.


A comprehensive home insurance policy offers coverage for the below:

·         100% mental peace in case of environmental catastrophe and social strife

·         Offers coverage against liabilities that may arise due to loss/damage to your home or the household items or other contents due to man-made or natural calamities

Yes, insurance companies permit you to increase the sum assured of your home insurance policy. All you need to do is make the payment of the premium for the increased sum assured at the time of renewal.

·        Intimate the insurance company. Fill and submit a duly-filled claim form with a rough estimate of the repairing cost. It is advisable not to carry on any repairing work at this stage simply because there are chances of claim rejection by your insurance company.

·         Once the insurance company receives the claim form and the required documents, a surveyor would be appointed by the insurance company to visit your house in order to inspect and assess the extent of damages.

·         The inspector/surveyor will file a report basis his findings. The insurance company will then either approve or reject your claim application based on the surveyor’s report.

·         This is the time when you can undertake repair work if you wish to. After completion of the work, the inspector/ surveyor will re-visit your house. A detailed report will again be made by the surveyor depending on the repair and cost to the insurance company.

·          The insurance company will then make a net liability on the basis of the surveyor’s recommendation after receiving the necessary bills and receipts.

·         In case the insurance company accepts your claim, you will receive a cheque at your postal address. But, in case your claim gets rejected, the insurance company will inform you via a repudiation letter.


You very well know that you’ve paid for it but are hoping to never require using it! When you file an insurance claim, you probably have suffered some type of loss or damage that is insured by your Insurer. This is when your Insurer offers you coverage and compensation for the losses covered or for the damages after validating your claim. So it is vital to be familiar with the claim process to avoid any headache at the later stage.

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