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Family Health Insurance - The key to keep your family Out of Trouble


The biggest priorities of life today lies in the well-being of our family members.  Thus is the reason we should make sure that every family members health needs are well managed and take care. However, today the healthcare costs have reached sky high which in short has made life even more stressful. But, every problem has a solution. Same formula applies to our health too. Yes, we can buy a family health insurance plan and ensure that all are beloved family members are in case of a medical emergency.


The benefits of a family health insurance plan


Mentioned below are some of the benefits that a family health insurance offers to help us remain tension-free:


  • Protection of savings: My colleague Neha received a call stating that her mother has met with a road accident while crossing the road. She got injured badly and at the same time was asked for an urgent surgery of a knee replacement. With a family health insurance in place, Neha was stress-free thinking about the medical bill that the hospital would slap on her. Therefore, it is essential to have a family health insurance to be prepared for medical emergencies at all times. Here you need not buy an individual health insurance for each family member. The family health insurance covers all the family members under one roof.


  • Pocket-friendly for a big cover: Health insurance is very easy to understand. You pay the premiums regular and the health insurer promises to provide you a health cover in case a claim is raised. Since all the individuals are covered under one single plan, you tend to save money from buying individual health insurance plans for all the family members. There can be situations when you may not make a claim, but off course, you can’t afford to put your health at risk too.


  • Prevent adversities from striking: Emergencies are inevitable. But all you can do so is prevent them striking by being financially prepared for the same. Most of the family floater plans, offers preventive health checks for the whole family. Certainly post such health checks, many health-related issues can be taken care of. This is how you can also get mental peace as well as wellbeing to the entire family.


  • Tax benefits: A family health insurance plan can certainly help you keep out of trouble by saving your tax legally. The premium that you pay for your health insurance plan is exempted from tax under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. This is how you can save while covering your health as well.


  • Continued cover: Your employer might have offered you a basic group health insurance cover for yourself as well as your immediate family members. But, it may happen that you lose your job overnight or your company shuts down. You may be in search of a new job. What would you do if a medical emergency arises in such circumstances? A good solution is buying an individual family health insurance plan to let you and your family members enjoy a continued coverage, irrespective of your employment status.


  • Restoration of coverage that is exhausted: A family health insurance plan can provide you a special benefit of restoring your exhausted coverage in case you exhaust the same. You can utilize this benefit for unrelated claims.


So, we have just seen so many reasons that you can keep your family happy, relaxed and stress-free by opting for a family health insurance plan. So what are you waiting for?



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