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Reasons to buy Health Insurance in 2019


There is more than one reason for making health insurance absolutely essential in 2019. If you have been procrastinating since long, 2019 is the best year to finally break that laziness. Today, with the number of health risks that people undergo due to lifestyle changes, you cannot afford to not invest in a good health insurance plan.


This article will highlight the reasons you can’t ignore to buy a health insurance policy in 2019.


Reasons why you should buy health insurance without procrastination: Top 5 reasons to buy health insurance as soon as possible

1. Health is delicate: Health is unpredictable. You may never know when a medical emergency make strike. Facts being we all become older day by day. Similarly, health issues too aggravate day by day. Besides, the growing stress and pressure of the professional world add to our problems even more. Absurd and vague lifestyle habits are yet other reasons to contribute to this. These are the reasons why your health is at risk throughout. So, it is vital to get a health insurance policy right away.


2. Medical costs aren’t cheaper: Medical inflation is the main reason why healthcare costs have touched sky high. It is unaffordable for a common man to get the best of the medical treatments done at the best hospitals in India. This is the main reason to invest in the best health insurance policies in India. After all, who likes to see their hard-earned savings getting wiped off due to a medical emergency?


3. Health insurance becomes more expensive as you age: You may be young and healthy today and therefore you should buy a health insurance plan in 2019 itself. Simply because, if you wait till you turn even a year older, be prepared to shell out a higher health insurance premium. Say for instance, a health insurance plan that costs you today at Rs.7,000 may go as high as Rs.14,000 couple of years down the line. Also, your body tends to grow older, you develop different health conditions such as thyroid, diabetes, heart ailments, etc. It would be too complicated to get a health insurance policy once your body develops such health conditions. Therefore, buy one when you are young.


4. Customized plans: Today, with so many health insurance companies in India, you can benefit by opting for tailor-made plans as per your health requirements. You can go online and compare health insurance plans offered by different insurers and zero down on the best possible one. In 2019, there are even more and more health insurers available than a few years before.


5. Tax benefits:Your health insurance premium that you pay offers you a tax benefit under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Besides, if you pay health insurance premiums for your senior citizens parents, you get additional tax benefit of up to Rs. 30,000


Bottom line

Therefore, as mentioned earlier, there are so many reasons as to why you should invest in health insurance in 2019. So, what are you waiting for? Go get one TODAY!


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