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Why Health Insurance is more important for Women than Men


From household chores to managing offices, from politics to technology, women have left no stone unturned to prove their potential. Sadly, the scenario is not the same when it comes to their health and insuring it. As per the statistics, only 30% of women own health and life insurance in India.

The Perception of Health Insurance

The reason for not buying health insurance can be manifold. Some of them are:

  • Most of them are dependent on someone else for their finances. Even those who work, they don’t feel their salary is sufficient to own health policy. But what if they fall prey to a serious illness? The healthcare expenses will be way more expensive than getting a policy.
  • They consider saving for the most happening events of their lives. But what happens if a single hospitalisation wipes out their lifetime savings? The money tends to vanish overnight.
  • They think it is okay to delay-but what about the waiting period? If you are aware of specific policies such as maternity insurance comes with a long waiting period, a maximum of 4 years. So, without serving this period, women can’t claim their insurance to cover their pregnancy.

They might be thinking that they’re not as much risk as men, but can you ignore the stats which say:

    • 5% to 20% of women tend to be diagnosed with polycystic ovary disease during their pregnancy.
    • 18% of women in their early 30s have Type 2 Diabetes
    • Obesity is most common among women than it is in men
    • The cases of breast and cervical cancer in women caused half a million deaths
    • One in five women are at the risk of stroke, still, there is less focus on women’s health

It’s time to wake up!

The Issue Lies Within

When a little awareness is prevailing among the working class, insurance coverage for the non-working class is completely overlooked. It is more evident in a household with a lower income bracket. The lack of education or less awareness is another reason, apart from the financial part. However, a homemaker handles many things, right  from cooking to managing the household chores, to managing the monthly budget to taking care of the kids, the responsibility is huge. When she is unable to contribute due to an illness, the male counterpart has to look for the options to manage these. This will come with an additional cost as well. Even if he/she doesn’t consider health insurance, thinking about the pocket, the outflow of expenses can be huge towards treating an illness.

How Health Insurance Helps

In the era of inflation when medical expenses are rising at a rapid pace, baking your finances with health insurance is necessary. Moreover, by investing in health insurance, you will indirectly invest in yourself. And as a woman, you should contribute more to improve the quality of other women as well. There are women-specific health insurance plans designed specially keeping the needs of women in mind. This will ensure a solid financial back-up to treat a specific illness. Some insurance policies encourages routine health check-ups which helps in keeping a regular track of your health.

Wrapping it Up!

Whether single or married, women will always have to look after their families. To ensure they are available to their loved ones, women must prioritise their health. Choosing a health policy with the right cover is what can make this possible.



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