5 Ways to Save an Extra on Fire Insurance Policy

Fire insurance policy, as the very name indicates, recompenses for any loss that is done to any property by fire. The policy covers damages during a specific period and to an amount, which is agreed upon between the company and the one who seeks insurance. However, the fact worth mentioning here is that the recompenses will only be made in the cases of unintentional and accidental events. The policy covers almost everything right from the damage to the premises, destruction and loss of goods. Those who want to buy a fire insurance policy can reach out to the online portals to compare policies that top-ranking players of the market offer.

Considering all the options available in the market before buying comprehensive, fire insurance will help customers to make an informed decision about buying one. However, doing certain things and taking some extra measures can help them save big too. Check them out here.

Add security systems; install smoke detectors

One of the primary measures to save on your fire insurance premium is to add advanced security systems, get smoke detectors and fire warning systems installed at your domestic and/or commercial property. With these gadgets in place, any chances of fumes going undetected are almost negligible. The early detection of fire and smoke can help take effective and timely measures to protect the property. So if you have already installed them or going to install them anytime soon, you can always demand rebates on your fire insurance coverage.

Go for the highest deductibles

Those who want to buy a policy to protect their property and valuable assets inside from fire anytime soon should consider going for the highest possible deductibles than lowest possible deductibles. This will help them keep the insurance premium low. On the other hand, if the items or stock has chances of less damage from fire, you can opt for the lowest possible deductible. Always remember that customers who opt for the highest deductibles need to pay for more in an unlikely situation wherein fire hits and damages the property. Therefore, keep this thing in mind when buying a policy from the standard fire insurance company.

Continue dealing with the same insurance company

Well, continuing fire insurance policy from the same company surely gives the impression that you are a dedicated customer and an asset to the company. Always remember, no company wants to lose its prized customers. So when you renew the policy, you can always negotiate and ask to cut down or at least reduce deductibles during claims.

Keep your insurance company informed

If you have done some considerable changes to your home or commercial property premises, then do make it a point to keep your home fire insurance company informed of the same. For example, if you have installed the fire alarm, fireproof equipment and safety devices after buying the fire insurance policy, you can inform about the same to the company. If satisfied, the company can reduce the premium.

Prefer dealing with one insurance company

If you already have bought some insurance policies, try to check if the same company also offers the standard fire insurance. It will most likely be yes. Then, consider dealing with the same company. Buying more than one policy from the same company will enable customers to negotiable and save anywhere between 5 to 10 percent on the premium at the minimum.


When buying a comprehensive fire insurance policy, keeping certain things in mind will help you save a big amount on yearly premium. This will also help safeguard interests in an unlikely situation of fire striking and destroying your property as well as valuable assets/belongings. Therefore, some small considerations will make big difference at the hour of need.


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