How Can Child Plan Help With The Education Of The Child

How Can Child Plan Help With The Education Of The Child?


A secure future of the child is every parent’s desire. More often than not, a secure future starts with the thought of education. Ensuring that their children get the best education is a dream that every parent have in their eyes.


But, surmounting the inflation rate is a dreadful thought for many. Today, as per reports, cost of education is rising at a rate of 10-12% annually. In present times, parents spend close to 40% of their income on the education of their children.


If you can relate with the above stated facts, then you are no different than the parent next door. You will often find yourself asking what can be done to tackle this inflation and ensure the best education for my child.


The answer is child plan.


What Is A Child Plan?

Before we move, further let’s understand what child plans actually are:

  • Child plan or child insurance plan is a conventional life insurance plan that gives the opportunity to build a corpus for the children’s future. It is a financial tool that ensures financial security for the child in the foreseeable future.
  • The monetary support under child plan is offered not only at various growth stages of the child, but also in case of demise of the life assured.  Parents can ensure that their children can have a financially protected future even if they are no more.

Furthermore, the child investment plans will also ensure that the children get an opportunity to fulfil their dreams and live a life on their terms without having to worry about finances.


How Can a Child Plan Help in Child’s Education?

  • Parents can consider child plans as seeds that will reap its benefits in the form of securing the future of the child. The child insurance policy will ensure that your child will get the opportunity to fulfil their desires while being financially protected.
  • Every best child plan in India offers opportunity of investment and insurance. There are a lot of options of unit linked child plans available in the market, which gives an opportunity to invest in corpus-building funds.
  • These unit linked child plans offer market linked returns, unlike the conventional child endowment plans. Apart from the guaranteed death and maturity benefit, these child investment plans offer loyalty additions as well.

Furthermore, some of the child insurance policies in Indiacome with built-in riders, such as waiver premium, accidental death benefit, accidental total and permanent disability benefit, etc.


The insurance companies pay the death benefit in case of demise of the policyholder. Also, insurance companies  pay the premium on the behalf of the parents and the policy is continued till the tenure of the policy. All these aspects of the child insurance plans help in protecting the education of the child. This ensures that the education of the child continues without hindrance, even in case of death of parents.



A small investment today will go a long way tomorrow. Systematic planning and the right investment will ensure that the education of the child does not take a backseat for any reason. A child plan will ensure that financial security of the child and help them grow and prosper.


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