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Reasons Why Every Woman Must Buy Health Insurance

Every year on 8th March International Women's day is celebrated . It is celebrated to honour those women who have made a considerable contribution towards the society. But, has any one thought while only a day in the name of women? Every day should be a women’s day. A woman juggles between many roles in her day to day life. Women are succeeding in all walks of life but they tend to ignore their health in this process. Lack of health care awareness about self is taking a toll on their lives. They tend to fall sick more often than men. Health insurance should be given a serious thought. It should be a right of every woman to own an insurance policy. According to National Family Health Survey by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, only 20% of women below 50 years of age have health insurance cover to their rescue. Many insurance companies have dedicated policies for women.


Why Health Insurance for women is the need of the hour?

Health insurance ensures protection for women in addition to financial security. Research reveals that women account for less than 30% of health insurance policies. One in every six women are at the risk of heart attacks. Survey says 50% of women in India are at the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Death due to Cervical cancer had significantly increased in past years. Thanks to the pap test which has bought the number down. Due to poor lifestyle obesity is twice as that in men. Obesity is also one of the reasons for Type 2 diabetes. Almost 18% of the women from 20s to 30s have Type 2 diabetes. Women are more prone to chronic and mental illnesses. With the cesarean section deliveries, the maternity treatments have reached the skies. They cost nothing less than a lakh. A better health care can be provided to improve the quality of their life by investing in a health cover policy. So, women need more health care services than men. A health insurance policy steps in to manage the financial costs thus helping the family get rid of mental burden.


More about health insurance for women

Health insurance is an integral part of life planning. There are few insurance companies offering special health care plans for women. Due to the lack of awareness there are only few female takers of health insurance policies. There is no age barrier to opt for the policy. But, if you get insured early you can save on the premiums. As, premiums vary according to the woman’s age and health condition. With age comes the risk of getting prone to ailments increases.


The reasons for getting health insurance are -

1 Inflation in medical costs - most of the women end up emptying their savings during medical emergencies. To avoid expenditure in such unforeseen events health insurance is a necessity.

2 Lifestyle is to be blamed - hectic working schedules , shuffling between family and office commitments, eating junk food, late working hours, sleepless nights have increased the risk of health issues that come knocking without prior notice are on rise.

3 Benefits - benefits such as pre and post hospitalization charges, ambulance charges, maternity fees, a complete health check up, small surgeries are taken care in health insurance policies.

4 critical illnesses - due to the stressful life critical illnesses are in vogue. Illness like cancer is an expensive one to treat. If you own a health insurance along with the critical illness rider the financial burden reduces remarkably.



The insurance market in India for women has expected to rise to billions in the coming years. Health insurance helps the women to be independent monetary during medical emergencies. So, what are you thinking. Go in for the policy early in life creating a secured future. After all you are worth it.


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