Smart Things You Should Be Aware of Your Fire Insurance

Smart Things You Should Be Aware of Your Fire Insurance

Fire is one of the most important natural elements without which life can be impossible. But with it comes huge risks as it can not only entail huge damages to property and life but its consequences can become excessively difficult to deal with. Therefore it is recommended for every homeowner and property owner to purchase a significant fire insurance plan that can help them recover easily in case of any mishappenings. Before considering any plan, it is important to understand the basic implications of your cover and choose  the best as per your needs and wants. In this blog post, we shall discuss some important factors you should consider before selecting the best fire insurance for yourself.

1. Protection

Your fire insurance provides protection against abrupt damage to or annihilation of any moveable or immovable property caused due to fire and other perils.

2. Coverage Available

There are various types of property that can be covered under fire insurance. Some of them are buildings, plant and machinery, stock, equipment, and content like furniture, and cables.

3. Other Perils Covered Under Fire Policy

Other perils which your fire insurance may cover include lightning, malicious damage, explosions, natural disasters, subsidence and landslide, impact damage, and bursting of water tanks.

4. Damages Not Included By Fire Policy

Your Fire Insurance may not cover damages or losses caused by war or warlike operations, pollution or contamination, nuclear perils, electrical/mechanical breakdowns, burglary, and housebreaking.

5. Duration of Policy

Generally, fire insurance policies are issued for one year but there are cases like dwellings when your fire insurance policy may be issued for a long time with a minimum coverage of three years.

Important Facts to Consider Before Buying a Fire Insurance

Apart from checking the above-mentioned factors, it is important to review your policy twice a year to ensure that all your locations and properties are covered under it. Double check the addresses mentioned in the policy before submitting it. Having a fire insurance policy does not mean that you can act carelessly and put your property and resources at stake. It is important to act prudently and take care of your assets like you would have done without insurance.


An insured is also required to draft a proper fire prevention plan so that they are aware of the things to be done before preventing the fire from happening. It is also recommended to follow a safety guideline when the fire takes place  so that you are able to curtail the damages and loses to some extent. Keep in mind to not go for underinsurance as it is as bad as no insurance.


Having underinsurance would lead you to cough up some part of the damage and loss at the time of the fire in case  fire insurance is not sufficient to cover your loss. All these factors may help you take full advantage of your insurance plan and prevent your property and business from careless losses and damages.


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