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6 Points checklist for Renewing your Car Insurance


Is your car insurance renewal around the corner? If yes, then let me tell you that you sanely need to keep a few things in mind to crack the best deal. Do not ever passively consent when you receive a reminder renewal call from your insurance provider.


Here is a 6 points checklist you can’t afford to miss out on beforeremitting the needful renewal amount.Why? Because you can get a host full of claim related benefits and therefore save some cost too.


1. Competitive price - Keep an  eagle’s eye on it

No one will force you to continue with your existing car insurance provider. Go online and avail the best car insurance renewal deal by striking a comparison on different policies that fulfil your requirement.

Take some time off on researching the top car insurers that offer you more benefits than your existing car insurance policy.You may even opt for a car insurer whose premiums are a little lower than your present insurer. Therefore, do not FORGET to judge wisely.


2. No  Claim Bonus – Optimize it

So if you have been a good driver and have shown a responsible behaviour while plying your car on the Indian roads, the game is in your court! The car insurer rewards you with a No Claim Bonus (NCB) for not compromising with safety by having a claim free year.

When renewing car insurance, do not ever miss to claim this bonus. This no claimbonus keeps accruing every year and ranges from 20% to 50% being the highest. Your car insurance premium automatically cuts-down for not registering a claim on the insurer in the bygone year.


3. IDV - Quote it carefully

Needless to say, since comparing is the tool, do research and compare the IDV as well as the premium offered by different car insurance companies while renewing your car insurance. Be smart enough to derive at the IDV or the depreciated value of your car as on datewisely. This is vital for

  • Enjoying car insurance cover without spending higher rate of premium due to incorrect valuation of your car
  • Quoting the correct make, model, manufacturing year and other important information related to your car for any future reference
  • Securing justifiableclaim settlement amount in case of any uncertain incident occurring on the  road.


4. Insurer’s track record - Research it

While renewing car insurance, it is important that along with the premiums, benefits offered, you also compare the claim settlement ratio of different insurance companies. Do remember to;

  • Never get easily influenced by any exaggerated offers made by the prospective insurers
  • Carry out an intensive and quality online research to ensure a heathyclaim settlement record, good customer service, credibility and other germane information about the car insurance company you wish to opt for.

Only after assuring yourself about the sanctity of company’s intent, proceed to subscribe forthe insurance services that it offers.


5. Complimentary add-ons -  Ask for it

Car insurance renewal is no longer a standalone affair. Many car insurance companied upfront offer a host of goodies while renewing car insurance. These may include:

  • complimentary personal accident cover,
  • complimentary riders or add-ons to your existing policy,
  • any other allurements

Therefore, always browse the policy document and read the terms and conditions and other benefits and exclusion list to get a better clarity and enjoy more for lesser premium while renewing car insurance.


6. Long term insurance – Buy it

If you opt for long term car insurance policies coverage while renewing your existing policy, you are most likely to reap extra benefits in terms of:

  • Discounts on premium
  • immunity from IRDA hiked premium rate in subsequent years
  • not having to take the hassle of remembering the premium renewal date next year



It is vital that you keep pace with the contemporary advancements in the car insurance renewal section to take home heaps of benefits. Renewing car insurance online is the best buy. You can easily transfer your NCB if required, compare different car insurance policies, be assured of secured payment gateways, absolutely no chances of getting duped, easy retrieval of e-car insurance policies, no missing of renewals and many more…

So, be judicious, and you would certainly be rewarded handsomely!


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