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Car Insurance Benefits



Driving out a new car from the confines of a showroom, gives one joy like none other. The clean lines and the sparkling new paint keep the smile on for hours. However, if one wants to keep the smiles on quite forever its time to invest in a good insurance that would cover all kinds of mishaps that might arise on the road. Car Insurance has become mandatory and much wanted in the modern day. Keeping abreast with the changing times there has been a surge of online car insurance. Companies offer this as a matter of convenience to the customer as well as for themselves.



When opting for car insurance it is mandatory to know the why. So listed below are some of the key features which entail motor car insurance:


  • Car insurance will cover for the loss or any damage that befalls the car if it has been insured.


  • The insurance will be put under categories of theft, damage by accident, in case of a fire, self-ignition


  • Car insurance also covers damage to the vehicle in some natural calamities such as flood water damage or lightening


  • Some man made calamities are also taken care of in case of riots  or a terrorist attack


  • Another benefit is the payout during financial liability when the death or a third party may occur.


  • Harm to the property – the car


  • And last but not the least, when a person gets into an accident.


All the aforementioned are the times that you can stake your claim for the insurance. Before setting out into getting car insurance it is imperative that one knows the three main kinds of car insurance that one can claim



1.Third Party Liability Coverage


This is a compulsory under the aegis of the Motor Vehicle Act, which states that when in an accident, the driver has caused injury and loss of property of another person, the third party liability coverage can be invoked. This can be invoked under any legal accountability that might be asked to the driver.



2. Collision Coverage


This is self-explanatory, when in a collision – in this case an accident- the insured can claim against the damage to the car. 



3. Comprehensive Coverage


The meaning of the word comprehensive lives up to the policy that it provides. Its spreads a wide net of inclusions such as damages to the car, car theft, accidental damages, third part legal cover and also personal accident coverage. Since this is more than just the regular insurance that you will come across, one can also have add ons in the kind of insurance you want. Additions of engine protector, an accessories cover or even medical expenses can be attained with this add on car insurance.



Out of the three mentioned above, the Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage with its unique features to customize the amount of coverage that one would require is one of the most popular.



So, when a new car is purchased, it has become important to look into the car insurance cover that would most suit the customer. Being car insured it better than having to be sorry later.


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